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GS BLEND™ helps manage air and water penetration while feeding turf grasses micronutrients.  Root stimulators contained in GS BLEND™ help deepen roots causing greater nutrient uptake and requiring less frequent watering.  Water and fertilizer savings alone can pay for the product.  When used on athletic fields, coaches note that the softer field allows for fewer and less damaging injuries to players.  Many parents are understandably concerned about potential health risks of the many pesticides and herbicides usually applied to turf.  Thick, healthy grass from our natural products has allowed a number of school customers to virtually eliminate harmful chemicals, and have a more durable, better performing turf.

General Information

GS BLEND™ is a concentrated bio stimulant liquid complex of vitamins, hormones, plant growth regulators, root growth stimulators, with micro nutrients combined with an effective non-phytotoxic wetting agent.  It can be used in soil or foliar applications.