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Corn Program

This corn program is intended for informational use only.  For the best possible results tailored to meet your needs and soil type, check with your Grower's Source™ representative for specific recommendations.

Seed Treatment
5 oz. REVAMP per 100 pounds of seed
Stimulate germination of seed and protection
Stimulates the beneficial bacteria and fungi that protect the corn seedling from soil related diseases thus increasing germination.
Soil Treatment

12 oz. REVAMP per acre

8 oz. N2-GROW™ per acre

To stimulate nutrient release and micro-organisms 

Application of REVAMP and N2-GROW  help with soil compaction and builds up the beneficial microorganisms to help with the breakdown of fertilizers, thus making it available to the root for uptake.

NOTE: *For pH higher than 6.8 and/or high sodium content. Also good for chemically damaged fields. 

*Alkali/Sodium Soil
32 oz. OVERHAUL per acre
Foliar Treatments

1st Foliar - 6-8 leaf stage

2-4 lbs. FOLIARFEED per acre


2nd foliar - at last cultivation

2-4 lbs. FOLIARFEED per acre

To supply needed trace minerals directly to plant
To enhance yield and quality for the crop.  FOLIARFEED can be applied with most fungicides and/or insecticides.  When using N2-GROW™ with herbicides and/or insecticides, we recommend using their lowest recommended label rate.

Herbicide Spray Program

Apply 16 fl. oz. WILDFIRE™ per 100 gallon tank mix with contact herbicides.

Fungicide Spray Program

Apply 16 - 32 fl. oz. SSS™ per 100 gallon tank mix with fungicide.

Insecticide Spray Program

Apply 16 - 32 oz. INSECT-X-CITER™ per 100 tank mix with insecticides.

Note about Spraying:

We strongly recommend using an adjuvant with your spray program.  Grower's Source™ specialty surfactants (SSS™, N2-GROW™, WILDFIRE™, INSECT-X-CITER™) have proven cost effective with spray applications of chemicals (fungicides, herbicides, pesticides) to allow lowest label rates with better results.  The synergy can add potency and extend the chemical life and have allowed some growers to experiment and get exceptional results with well under label rates.

Please ask your Grower's Source™ representative for the appropriate product for your needs and grower's experiences in your area.

What Growers Say

"My neighbor had to spray every 7 to 10 days for earworms on his sweet corn. My corn was not bothered by earworms or disease where I used Grower's Source™ products."