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Customer Testimonials

"My 10 year old alfalfa stand was pretty ragged so I intended to plow it up and start over. A friend had me try the Grower's Source™ program. It looked as if it was a brand new alfalfa crop, only without the work and the extra expense."

"My neighbor had to spray every 7 to 10 days for earworms on his sweet corn. My corn was not bothered by earworms or disease where I used Grower's Source™ products."

"I had tried for years to transplant small dogwoods I had dug out in the winter. They kept dying. This year I dipped the bare roots in a 2 ounce mix of GS BLEND™ and poured a little mix over the hole. To my delight they all took off. I did not lose a single tree."

"As a professor and consultant, I push for soil fertility to increase profits.  Grower's Source™ products fit right in with my recommendations for total plant health programs."

"After examining two fields, one of my father’s (sprayed with BOLT™) and one of mine, which I planted one day apart, it was obvious the BOLT™  fields had better plant health, stronger stems, and a more developed root structure. Yes, I guess I should have sprayed mine. Well, happy Father's Day, Dad!"

"My plants were large and healthy, sugar went up and my soil is improved more each year. I am very happy with my Grower's Source™ results."

*For more scientific data regarding our corn and sugar beet results, please see Irrigation Research Foundation Website link under Research & Resources.