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OVERHAUL™ will stimulate beneficial bacteria, fungi and micro organisms which will unlock nutrients that have been tied up in your soil.  OVERHAUL™ is a soil detoxifier that will dramatically remediate sodium levels, and make potassium 90% more available and phosphorus 48% more available.  Utilizing OVERHAUL™ in your agricultural program can increase nitrogen efficiency by up to 1/3, increase biological activity, help break up compacted layers, increase the development of the plant above and below the surface.  Do all this and much more with OVERHAUL™!

OVERHAUL™ is an integral part of The Soil Man's alkaline soil program, capable of dramatic remediation of sodium levels in alkaline soils.  Soil tests should be taken from areas surrounding trouble areas to determine nutrient imbalances and appropriate treatment.  (Other nutrient treatments may be recommended to enhance overall effectiveness.)

OVERHAUL™ is suitable for sustainable farming.

Application Information

For general soil conditioning and sodium reduction, use 32 oz per acre of OVERHAUL™, in the spring, summer or fall.  The earlier the product is applied, the greater the results on the present year's crop.  For the best response, apply OVERHAUL™ in the fall after harvesting, or thirty days prior to planting.

Application for Chemical Damage

If crop is already in, at first sign of chemical stress, apply one quart per acre.  OVERHAUL™ has proven to help recover plants in a matter of days and return the crop to its pre-damaged condition, restoring the yield.

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