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INSECT-X-CITER™ is a specialized adjuvant and surfactant designed to make insects move around, and bring them into contact with the insecticides, producing a more successful kill. INSECT-X-CITER™ will increase the effectiveness of your crop insect spray program by reducing your insecticides to the lowest label rates, and by reducing the number of sprays. INSECT-X-CITER™ is also safe to spray over cattle and feed, so say goodbye to those pesky flies!

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INSECT-X-CITER™ is an insect adjuvant designed to excite the movement of flies and other insects.  By moving the insect population from crevasses and burrows where they are protected from sprays, the kill rate can be increased. The exotic oils, surfactants and the proprietary ingredients in this high quality water-soluble mix penetrate for complete coverage. When the insect is no longer still in hiding, it becomes susceptible to contact pesticides.  Even the lowest label rates of pesticides become effective and efficient in improving the kill ratio. It only makes sense to use the lowest rates of insecticide and still obtain the desired kill; you want to increase beyond just simple surface contact.

Insect movement is the key to better and longer lasting kills.  It saves time and money and is better for the health of the animals.  INSECT-X-CITER™ can increase the effectiveness of your crop insect spray program.  Insects burrow deep into the plant crevasses and are difficult to hit with the initial spraying.  Without contact, the pest survives, causing reduced yields. Making the insect move around can increase the kill.  An increased kill will give a better and longer lasting protection for the crops.

INSECT-X-CITER™ is a part of the Gower’s Source™ complete farm program.  The finest materials from around the world make it a quality product for use on crops or around your farm animals.


16 – 32 ounces per 100-gallon tank.  Mix with insecticide and spray as needed.


Not only is INSECT-X-CITER™ safe to spray over cattle and their feed, it also will make the neighbors think you're spraying lemon juice and citronella over your land, instead of harsh chemicals!

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