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Cotton Program

This Cotton program is intended for informational use only.  For the best possible results tailored to meet your needs and soil type, check with your Grower's Source™ representative for specific recommendations.


Normal Soil: 32 oz. N2-GROW™ per acre


Alkali (Sodium) Soil: 32 oz. OVERHAUL™  per acre

Apply with yellow herbicide

Soil stimulation, air & water management, disease prevention.

N2-GROW and OVERHAUL™ open the soil for proper air and water management.  This softening allows the product’s enzyme mix to thoroughly stimulate the biological elements, breaking down unavailable nutrients to their available form.

OVERHAUL™  on the alkali (sodium) soil adds the benefit of preventing damage.  Sodium is reduced, making potash conversion easy and available.  Products unlock the phosphates in spring and potash (potassium) in the fall through microbial stimulation.  Critical to cotton survival is sufficient potassium.  Cotton loves potassium, but ingests sodium instead. Sodium erupts the cell wall inviting insect and disease and creates low if any yield.

Note: Both products activate and extend the life of herbicides improving their efficiency.  Soil test may indicate a higher rate of OVERHAUL™  is necessary in very alkali soil.

Planting Pop-Up

2 oz REVAMP™ with 2 lbs. 10-45-10per acre water-soluble fertilizer.

Apply in row or over top.     

Rapid germination, stimulated root growth, disease prevention.

The pre-plant treatment allows the REVAMP to penetrate quickly and stimulate the microbial activity around the seed. This microbial activity breaks down the N-P-K into an easily digestible form, greatly increasing root growth and uptake of the transformed 10-45-10.

The 10-45-10 gives a small trigger of nitrogen (10) to spur growth, a small dose of potash (10) for disease resistance.

The large dose of phosphate (45) is needed for strong root growth and becomes immediately available to the seedling. Any unused phosphate will help later with blooming.

This treatment gives the seedling a quick strong start to withstand and shorten exposure to any adverse environmental conditions such as too much or too little water, hail, temperature etc.

Pinhead Square

6 oz. REVAMP™ foliar applied, best applied with 1st application of PIX.

2 lbs./acre 38-5-3-3 water soluble fertilizer

Direct cotton stimulation to load up squares, flush plant and increase yield potentials.
REVAMP™ helps keep the cotton shorter and load up heavier.
Early Bloom
16 oz. BOLT™ with 2-4 lbs. per acre 10-20-20 or 5-25-25 water-soluble fertilizer (depending on crop condition) foliar applied.
Stimulate reproduction by increasing reproductive nutrient uptake.

Poor nutrient balance at this time causes yield loss.  This application is for retaining the bloom set.  The plant no longer needs much nitrogen (10/5) but is searching for phosphorus (20/25) and potassium (20/25) to fill out squares for reproduction.

(In high sodium soil, at this stage the plant will pull up large doses of sodium instead of potassium, which is why OVERHAUL™  is recommended in these areas.)

Peak Bloom
16 oz. BOLT™ foliar applied with 2-4 lbs per acre 5-25-25 water-soluble fertilizer.
Direct cotton stimulation to load up bolls, flush plant and increase nutrient uptake.

A fully loaded plant will still shed blooms if enough reproductive elements are not available to make all bolls mature.  This application is an additional stress reducer to help retain both early and late blooms.

At this time, there is still a heavy draw on potassium.  If potassium is low, it is easily replaced by sodium that can lead to death in cotton in the form of root rot.

On physical examinations, based on growth stage, applications of 5-25-25 (to stimulate blooms and boll set) are recommended.  For questions, call your Growers Source soil specialist.

Some growers see the applications of 5-25-25 as a dollar or two insurance policies to keep blooms and bolls on the plant. (University studies have shown losses of as much as 75% of a plant potential through shedding.

Most growers on this program are very happy with their yields.  Obviously environmental factors affect yield, but our field observations show consistently higher yields than on control fields in the same areas.

What Growers Say

"I was using PGR IV and found that Growers Source REVAMP™ did the same thing for half the price and OVERHAUL™  really suppressed my sodium damage."

"On hail and sand burn damaged cotton, I applied 2 oz of REVAMP™ and 2-4 lbs of 38-5-3. The plants healed and I got the same yield as my undamaged cotton."