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Soybean Program

This soybean program is intended for informational use only.  For the best possible results tailored to meet your needs and soil type, check with your Grower's Source™ representative for specific recommendations.

Normal soil: 32 oz. N2-GROW  per acre
Aid in air and water exchange

Can be applied late fall or early spring.  These are water management tools that aid in air and water exchange critical to stimulating microorganisms in preparation for planting.  OVERHAUL™ also detoxifies and flushes harmful effects of sodium and carryover herbicides.


NOTE: *For pH higher than 6.8 and/or high sodium content.  Also good for chemically damaged fields.

Alkali/Sodium Soil: 32 oz. OVERHAUL™ per acre*

16 oz. BOLT™ banded over row or in furrow

21 days from emergence:
16 oz. BOLT

Can be applied with herbicide

Stimulate root system

To stimulate a bigger root system and faster growth. BOLT sends the plant into reproductive growth generally shortening the nodes between stems and setting more pods.


NOTE: Soybeans make their own nitrogen so it is not necessary to add high nitrogen to promote growth.


NOTE: BOLT has given yield increases over control beans from 12% to 61% on side-by-side plots. 

Herbicide Spray Program

Apply 16 fl. oz. WILDFIRE™ per 100 gallon tank mix with contact herbicides.

Fungicide Spray Program

Apply 16 - 32 fl. oz. SSS™ per 100 gallon tank mix with fungicide.

Insecticide Spray Program

Apply 16 - 32 oz. INSECT-X-CITER™ per 100 tank mix with insecticides.

Note about Spraying:

We strongly recommend using an adjuvant with your spray program.  Grower's Source™ specialty surfactants (SSS™, N2-GROW™, WILDFIRE™, INSECT-X-CITER™) have proven cost effective with spray applications of chemicals (fungicides, herbicides, pesticides) to allow lowest label rates with better results.  The synergy can add potency and extend the chemical life and have allowed some growers to experiment and get exceptional results with well under label rates.

Please ask your Grower's Source™ representative for the appropriate product for your needs and grower's experiences in your area.

What Growers Say

"After examining two fields, one of my father’s (sprayed with BOLT) and one of mine, which I planted one day apart, it was obvious theBOLT   fields had better plant health, stronger stems, and a more developed root structure.  Yes, I guess I should have sprayed mine.  Well, happy Father's Day, Dad!"