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Make your chemicals hotter than hot with this superior herbicide and defoliant enhancer!  WILDFIRE™ is an economical way to extend and enhance your herbicides.  It has continually proven itself to both growers and applicators by giving more complete and extended kills with the lowest application rates.  Weeds that have built up a chemical resistance can now be controlled with a single application, saving you time and money!

WILDFIRE™ is a special formulation designed to create synergy with other chemicals to save costs by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the spray application.  A key to effective spraying is getting the product to stick to the plant.  The specialized surfactant in WILDFIRE™ helps with not only the chemical coverage on the plant, but helps lengthen the duration of the effects on the plant.

Getting the plant to absorb the chemicals is one difficulty that must be overcome.  By supplying certain enzyme stimulants, the plant reacts by ingesting these beneficial enzymes, taking along the desired chemical application.  This process gives more complete defoliation, reducing tare during the harvest.

Many growers do not realize that high pH can reduce the effectiveness of many chemicals requiring neutral or acidic conditions.  WILDFIRE™ lowers the waters pH, creating a buffering effect to enhance the chemical's effectiveness.

Application Information

WILDFIRE™ should be applied at the rate of 12-16 oz per 100 gallon mix.  Rates up to one quart per 100 gallon tank mix have been successfully used in extreme situations to kill weeds on the first application that have grown out of control due to weather conditions.  Mix with enough water to distribute evenly.

* May be ground applied via tank sprayer or aerial applied.


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